I grew up under a tree of knowledge
Who spoke both mother and father to me
When things got hard for me,
She was like God to me

So much so,
That I believed God was a female
And that man was made in Her image
Physical clues
Left in the nipples I don’t use
I view my Granny spiritually

We connect digitally
She sends texts back and checks social sites
That would, kind of, make her my InstaGranny, right?
It’s who she chose to be –
The 65 year old
Scrolling through posts is how it’s supposed to be
Maybe, 65 just doesn’t seem old to me

She wears her age well
Walks with it
Cusses while she talks with it
I was raised in her home so she’ll die in mine
Forget nursing home visits

See, love limits don’t exist when it comes to family
I wrote my first poem when I was 6
Now I’m 26
And continue to write poems for my Granny


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