Short Stories

A Different Toon

I used to daydream about what life would be like inside of a cartoon but I never thought I’d actually become a character. I had been working with the Shadow Agency for about 11 years and they never ceased to amaze me with the missions they would have me carry out; this being no different. Freeman, the director of the Shadow Agency, called me into an office of about 12 people who looked like kids but had the demeanor of militants. They all stood up and saluted as I walked in and didn’t sit down until I did.

“What’s with the children?” I asked as I sat next to a serious seven year old.

“These are your allies, Kevin.” Freeman said as he made his way to the front of the projector. “We need you to bring down a familiar being, shall we say.”

Freeman pressed a button on the wall that lowered the projector screen and what was playing had me both confused and giddy.

“Eh, what’s up Doc?” A familiar phrase blurted from the screen as Freeman paused the video on a four- foot tall, gray-haired rabbit. I couldn’t help but smile at the five-second clip, an opposite reaction to my teenage allies who simply stared at Freeman, waiting on the next bit of information.

“Freeman, I don’t-“

“I’m going to explain.” He interrupted. Jack “Bugs Bunny” Rabbit and every character transmitted through the cartoon platform are all products of a terroristic influence. Bright colors and animated entertainment keep the youth hypnotized while messages of war and racism subtlety creep into their subconscious minds.”

I stared at Freeman for a moment, trying to grasp what he had just said. “So, you basically want me to catch a cartoon?”

“Not just catch.”



Three hours later, the allies and I were strapped in the Cosmic Portal where we would soon be transferred to Bugs’ location. “Remember, the place you will arrive in is nothing like this world.” Freeman said before initiating the transfer sequence. “The only way you will be able to complete this mission is by using your brain and your allies.”

Before I could allow his words to sink in, my chair began vibrating furiously, matter started to deconstruct right in front of my face, and huge flashes of white light temporarily blinded me. A few seconds later, vibrant colors and a flood of sounds slowly crept back in as if I was experiencing a crescendo of reality or seeing and hearing for the first time. As the world came into focus I noticed the allies around me, waiting for me to adjust to the new world. The one I sat next to in the briefing room pushed a button on his watch and spoke into the receiver.

“He’s here.” The kid said.

“Ask Freeman if he has any Intel on Bugs’ last location before we make any moves.” I said.

The seven year old just looked at me blankly and pointed behind me. Before I could turn around, the crunching sound and oblong shadow had tipped off who it was. A furry finger tapped me on the shoulder and took one last bite with a fierce crunch.

“Eh, what’s up Doc?”


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