Short Stories



Terri woke up with sore ribs, blurry vision, and Channel 11 news blaring from the television. “Unfortunately, police are still searching for the bomb in response to a threat received earlier today.”. Jeremy saw a woman smoking a cigarette on the couch, staring intensely at the TV. There was only one lamp on in the small motel room so he could only see her slim figure and that she was twirling a knife between her fingers. For a moment, Terri thought about lunging at the woman but not with the rope tightly binding his hands together.

“Why am I here?” He asked.

The woman turned to look at him but said nothing and turned her attention back towards the TV.  He immediately noticed her sex appeal even in a threatening situation. Nature had a way of making the most beautiful things in the world be the most deadly and she was no different. Her smooth, brown skin and soft curves disguised the ruthless demeanor she carried. Between the urgency in the reporter’s voice and the silence of this woman, Terri was beginning to panic.

The woman dialed a number and said a few words in a language that Terri couldn’t recognize. The woman got up and headed to the back room while mumbling some things to herself. Terri waited nervously as heard sounds of bags unzipping and metal pieces clanking together. The woman returned with a tripod, camera, laptop and a loaded gun.

“What do you want from me?”

“Only the truth.” She responded as she positioned the camera in front of Terri. A bright light shone from the lens as she powered the camera on and began typing on the laptop. Terri was confused at this point and had no idea what his fate would be. The woman turned the laptop towards Terri so that he could begin to see what this ordeal was all about. The images on the laptop left him speechless as he saw his daughter at school playing with the other kids.

“What the fu-”

“The bomb is here.” She said, pointing towards the closet in the corner of the classroom. “There are 47 innocent children at this school, including your daughter, and their lives are subject to your honesty. See, Mr. Tate, no one is excluded from the karmic debt they acquire. I’ve watched you lie to your wife, friends and family yet play this virtuous role that is only a surface reality. Today, the truth shall set you free. Or we’ll both watch your daughter’s body separate into little chunks.”

Terri looked at the woman with a blank stare, realizing what this was all about. He watched as the woman turned the TV up to hear the reporter give more dramatic news. “This just in! We have a live feed from the suspect.” Terri watched in horror as his face appeared on the television for millions to see.

“Question 1.” The woman said.


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