It’s Way Bigger

In the midst of Seagram’s Seven
And sierra mist
Twisting illegal cigarettes,
All I can think about is how I feel
Hoping this dope
Provides enough dopamine
To motivate hope And bring dreams to reality

Or should I stay in a dream state?

Live inside eye-magination like
Imagine a place with no race
Seeing beautiful faces with appetites for
Love – Up above

In skies where time lies dormant
A place where, nobody’s conforming
To rigid lies that get pawned off as normal

What does my heaven look like?

Like midnight on New Years
Like new growth on old fears
I wanna be rooted again,
I don’t wanna leave,
I’d rather branch out
Far enough to touch those who
Think about leaving as bad as I do

Nobody wants love as bad as I do
I wanna meet my dream girl
Who sings like that “Sweetest Thing” girl
Little body
Similar to Badu,
Oh soulful

With skin that glows emotions
Slow motion is everything when I’m around you
The inside of my chest is a snow globe
You low key.. shake up my intimate

See I fall in love with these images
Figure if I write enough sentences,
The universe will bring you to me
In the image of these verses

I wanna be in love again
Not outside it
Left in a cold room, quiet
Crying silent
Pushing limits on this highness, like
I’m dying to meet my Highness


Every little piece of me is symmetry,
To something that seems to be

A whole lot bigger than me


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